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                Tel: +86-531-58595086


                Mail: admin@jnkason.com

                KS 100 Surface Roughness Gauge

                KS 100 Surface Roughness Gauge
                The performance advantage

                Ø The roughness of metal and non-metallic surface
                Ø Pocket-size & economically price
                Ø Large measuring range suitable for most materials
                Ø Features external calibration at keyboard
                Ø Optimized electric circuit design with transducer structure-design,high integrate power, driver and display. 
                Ø Select freely with Ra,Rz, Rq, Rt parameters.
                Ø It could test ex-circle, flat surface, conical surface and also test groove with length and width larger than 80*30mm.
                Main Function:

                v Shape used to pull aluminum mold design, durable, anti-electromagnetic interference ability significantly, in line with the design of the new trend.
                v Using high-speed DSP processor for data processing and calculation, measurement and computation speed is greatly improved.
                v Liquid crystal display wide temperature using OLED color display, popular high brightness, no visual angle,, is suitable for various occasions.
                v The lithium ion rechargeable battery, can work for a long time, no memory effect, can while charging, charging time is short, long battery life.
                v Charging and communication using the common USB interface. Using a dedicated charger or computer USB port for charging, convenient and quick.
                v Dot matrix liquid crystal display, interface prompt information rich.
                v Real-time monitoring of lithium battery power and display, and to remind users to charge with charging progress indication.
                v Automatic shutdown function and low power design of software and hardware of the instrument with long working hours, suitable for field use.

                u Testing parameters (µm ): Ra、Rz
                u Stroke length (mm): 6
                u Sample length (mm): 0.25 , 0.80 , 2.50
                u Evaluation length (mm): 1.25 , 4.0 , 5.0
                u Measuring range (µm ): Ra:   0.05 ~ 10.0  Rz:   0.1 ~ 50
                u Error: ±10%
                u Variability:  <12%
                u Transducer contacting pin round diameter and angle:
                u Contacting pin round diameter: 10 µm±1 µm
                u Battery: 3.7V Li